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Classic pesto recipe

The only recipe you need to see how to make pesto! A foolproof and classic pesto recipe made with basil, olive oil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese.

Homemade butter

Homemade butter

You can make great tasting butter at home just by putting double cream in a food processor and running it till it turns into butter. It’s a good experiment for the kids to watch, too!

Keto avocado hummus

Keto avocado hummus

Whip and dip! Blend together this tasty keto take on hummus and you will find your new to-go dip for veggies. Creamy, with a bright citrus edge, and ready in minutes!

Keto chimichurri

Want a splash of heat and color? Coming your way with this simple keto chimichurri. This tasty sauce doubles as a marinade or topping, so it has you (and the meat!) covered, either way.

Wasabi mayonnaise

Wasabi mayonnaise

Looking for a fresh, easy way to jazz up lots of different meals? You just found it. Smooth and simple, wasabi mayo is not only great with Asian dishes, but also on fish, roast beef, salmon, crab cakes… you name it! “Versatile” is its secret middle name!

Low carb guacamole

Low-carb guacamole

A little guacamole just makes life better. This foolproof recipe is perfect for a snack with veggies or on top of grilled chicken or burgers. A must for your low-carb stable!

Bearnaise sauce

Béarnaise sauce

Béarnaise sauce is to steak as peanut butter is to jelly. Only way more elegant. Try our take on this classic sauce with the “golden touch.” It makes grilled fish or eggs crave-worthy.



Ahhh… homemade mayonnaise. Fresh. Inexpensive. Quick. Delicious. Not to mention additive-free. Schmear it on just about anything to maximize life’s simple pleasures!

Keto Ranch dip

Keto Ranch dip

LOVE Ranch? Yes! This tangy version goes perfectly with salads, snacks, grilled meat, chicken or veggies. Get your dip right with our quick, creamy keto recipe, and you’ll never mess with that bottled stuff again.

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