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Low carb stuffing futured

Stuffing low carb

Stuffing can still be the BEST part of Thanksgiving. Can you practically smell the bacon, sage, and apples wafting through the house? This delicious low-carb stuffing is rich, flavorful and gluten-free. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

Cauliflower rice with fresh thyme and lemon

Cauliflower rice with fresh thyme and lemon

Cauliflower rice is very easy to make and it is a great replacement for carbs heavy white or brown rice. There are many ways how to prepare cauliflower rice. I try to make it simple but taste differently each time. Today, I have added fresh thyme and splash of fresh lemon juice.

Easy Greek salad with feta

Easy Greek salad with feta

In this classic Greek salad recipe, tomatoes, red onion, and cucumbers are dressed with olive oil and finished with crumbled feta cheese. It’s essential to serve this with good crusty low carb garlic bread.

Barbecued marinated vegetables

Barbecued marinated vegetables

Cook these on skewers and serve alongside steaks or salad. Any leftovers are great with crusty bread.

Butternut squash noodles with spinach mushrooms and bacon

Butternut squash noodles with spinach mushrooms and bacon

Get your veg and enjoy a low carb, low-calorie dinner all at once. Butternut squash noodles are available at large supermarkets and make a great alternative to regular pasta.

Keto naan bread with garlic butter

KETO Naan bread with garlic butter

Indian tonight? Don’t skip the bread — make your own keto version of naan with this easy-to-follow recipe. Then, achieve ultimate crave-worthiness with the garlic butter. Mmmmm…

Low carb coleslaw

Low-carb coleslaw

Low-carb cookbooks usually include a recipe for this world-famous cabbage salad. Wholesome, tasty and very versatile. Throw in some seeds of dried fennel or two teaspoons coarse-grained mustard for a nice flavor accent.

KETO Garlic And Rosemary Foccacia

Here’s a simple way to bake keto garlic bread. This keto garlic and rosemary foccacia is crispy and delicious as a snack or to go with a bowl of soup.

Low carb zucchini and walnut salad

Low Carb Zucchini And Walnut Salad

Meet your new favorite low-carb meal! This salad is crunchy and nutty and filled with the gorgeous flavor of sautéed zucchini. It’s perfect for a barbecue or a Wednesday night!

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