easy ways to use eggs

Some easy ways to use eggs


Packed with protein, vitamin D, potassium, and vitamin B12, eggs are a super-food in their own right. They’re not only affordable and quick to cook, but they also offer a bounty of nutritional benefits.
“Eggs are considered one of the most whole protein sources out there. In other words, eggs contain the nine essential amino acids your body can’t produce on its own but needs in order to build and repair body tissues. What’s even better is that they’re cheaper than other high-quality protein sources, such as grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.
And if you’re trying to lose weight, research shows that protein can help curb hunger and regulate your appetite. Eating a meal with at least 1.35 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight can help reduce caloric intake by up to 22 percent.
What’s more, eggs offer portion control. Depending on the size, one egg provides roughly 70 to 80 calories and six grams of protein, making it easy to keep track of your daily nutrient and calorie total. Best of all, eggs are incredibly versatile.

Blend a Salad Dressing

It sounds strange, but eggs make a delicious alternative to avocados in homemade, Paleo-friendly salad dressings. “You just puree [hard-boiled eggs] with whatever other flavor ingredients you want, and then you have a high-protein dressing or sauce,”. I will often puree a handful of hard-boiled eggs to the texture of hummus and mix in a blend of mustard, garlic, lemon juice and a bit of apple cider vinegar. Pour over salads to boost your protein intake.

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Swap Chips for Eggs With Guacamole

Load up hard-boiled eggs with a scoop of guacamole. Use in place of chips for a tasty way to cut back on refined carbs.

Bake Egg Muffins

Prep a batch of egg muffins to fill your breakfast quota for the entire week. Just whisk together egg whites and whatever ingredients you have on hand, such as spinach, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and mushrooms. The flavor combinations are endless, so feel free to get creative. Or, try one of my favourite combinations: rotisserie chicken, buffalo sauce, red onion, and blue cheese. Not only will you get plenty of protein, but egg white muffins keep longer than other breakfast egg dishes like omelets.

Use to Top Gluten-Free Toast

For those who can’t eat grains, Cording offers this variation of eggs on toast: Slice of almond bread toasted until the edges are crispy and the inside is soft. Top with a poached egg for a healthy, protein-rich breakfast or snack.

Build an “Unconventional” Frittata

Veggie frittata that uses eggs as the primary source of protein, as well as a binder to hold the ingredients together.  Add a splash of milk or water and a healthy amount of chopped veggies, like zucchini, spinach, kale or broccoli. You can also stir in some cheese if desired. Then, heat a large nonstick pan, add the mixture and cook until it just sets around the edges. Pop into a 400-degree oven to finish cooking. Remove, flip it upside-down and slice into wedges. NOTE: Replace pasta with cooked shredded chicken if you can’t have pasta

Add to Veggie Soups

Broth-based veggie soups are an easy and delicious way to meet your daily vegetable quota. Unfortunately, they typically lack in protein and staying power. To fix this, I will use poached eggs to give weak soups extra nutrients and stomach-filling protein. “Just put it right on top, it’s all good.”

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